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Annie's live naked webcam

Have you ever had a thing for a pregnant woman before? I recently had the pleasure of meeting the acquaintance of a cousin to a friend of mine during a party. She was about six months pregnant and guess what? Every single guy at the party had a thing for her. I am not sure if it was because we were all father’s who have had pregnant wives before or what, but we all couldn’t stop gushing over how cute, radiant and sexy she looked.

Luckily for me I was single at the time. I had been through a divorce with my ex-wife a few years back. Why is that lucky you ask? Because as it happened this pregnant hottie was also going through a divorce!

Now, I am not saying pregnant girls getting divorced is a good thing, I am just saying I couldn’t believe my luck on being able to possible score with the hottest girl at the party‚Ķ who just happened to be pregnant.

To make a long story short we ended up going back to my pad, and as we were having sex in our sixth position of the night it hit me: maybe I am enjoying this so much because pregnant girls can’t do the missionary position. Instead we spooned, she rode me, she lay on her back with a leg in the air while I drove it home and many more. I was having a better time banging her than I had with any other sex partner previously!

On top of all of this she wanted to fuck all of the time. I don’t know if it was hormones or what, but she wanted to rub her pussy on me constantly. She was insatiable!

But then she got back with her husband and they worked things out. I still fill a bit of pride having banging his old lady with his baby inside her though. It feels odd when they come to parties now. LOL

For  months I was missing that feeling I had when I was laying the pipe inside her pregnant belly. Finding single pregnant girls willing to fuck a thirty year old isn’t exactly child’s play. No pun intended. Then I found a way to indulge my craving for sex with pregnant girls.

It is called Pregnant Webcams. As the name would suggest you can have online sex with pregnant girls at all hours of the night. At first I thought, no way! But then I found Annie’s live naked webcam and there was no denying it. She was cute, vibrant with hormones and definitely preggo.

The nice thing is she has some real tits. I mean they are actually full of milk. No, I am not some sicko that needs to drink milk juice. I am just saying they are the real deal. No denying it!

Click here for dozens of live pregnant webcam models that are online at all times. The sheer fact that this many pregnant girls are out there having live sex kind of blows me away. In a good way!

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