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I know I’m going to get judged by admitting to this, but that’s fine maybe I even deserve it. I’ve been with my current girlfriend for the last 10 years, now that’s a long time to be with just the one girl. While it would be ideal for us to get married and live a long and hopefully happy life together it just isn’t that simple. Lately I’ve been having these urges to see different women and it’s getting so strong that I’m trying my best not to give into them.

I guess the ultimate fantasy for most men would be a threesome with his girl and another big tits stunner. I most certainly wouldn’t say no to one myself. Sex isn’t the only answer though and it never should be, talking to your partner and tell her your concerns is something that we all should try before taking the next logical step and booking yourself a discreet escort.

I had a chat with my girl and even though at first she wasn’t seeing my point of view, it took me just explaining that there are escorts for couples can keep the spark alive. Once you put it in context like that it’s only logical that the girls are going to see why this can actually benefit a relationship. As such before you loose what made you fall for your girl in the first place, check a local escort and see if she might be able to get things back on track for you.

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