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I used to bang a chick with big tits. Just like Whitney here she had a set of 36DD. I enjoyed tapping that ass and milking those luscious tatas so fucking much I married her!

Wrong move. I was a tit man. I had no business marrying a girl with enormous tits. Why? Because she held all of the cards in our relationship. I was like putty in her fingers… and she was like a mountain of mammary flesh in mine… good times…

But seriously, marrying a woman because of her bra size is pretty fucking hair-brained. Cost me about $28,000 to divorce the bitch.

Now I am smarter. I married a girl with a thick set of C’s and when it comes to the big tits fantasies I do them online with Whitney 36DD. Why? Because, Whitney treats me right. She doesn’t talk back. She takes a fixed amount each month. And, her only goal in life seems to be making me cum. How fucking sweet is that?

With 36DD’s there is plenty of this big tits babe to go around and I don’t mind sharing… and neither does Whitney! As a member of you get access to all of her friends!

Certain friends like Christina Chaos and Ariel Jordan have some nice, juicy, floppy tits. When I want to switch it up a little bit I fantasy fuck the shit out of Jaded Mercury. What can I say? I have a thing for brunettes!

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