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For those who want to buy under 1000usd sex doll, be sure to choose a regular and reliable doll seller, because there are a large number of manufacturers who use inferior materials for dolls at this price point in the sex doll market.

Next we take the regular manufacturer uxdoll’s under 1000usd sex doll as an example, introducing several outstanding selling points of this product, as well as the superb cost performance!

1. The use of medical-grade premium TPE material, safe and secure. The skin is soft, elastic, non-toxic, tasteless, and free of side effects.

2. Visual sensory face using a high degree of simulation, with a choice of different styles.

3. Structure full solid simulation as well as with imitation human skeleton, lower body non-integral channel (anal and vaginal channel separate) free rotation, posture at will. Support anal sex / oral sex / realistic vagina.

From the buyer’s feelings evaluation.

“The tan skin sex doll received, the same as the real person, especially the face is very delicate, eyes and mouth beautiful, sexy, look very impulsive desire, good material, soft and tight, no odor, very satisfied with the doll.”

“It is embarrassed to comment, the first time online to buy this small boobs tpe doll, very nervous and afraid of disappointment. Fortunately, the effect is surprisingly good, almost the same as the real, did not let me down , logistics and confidentiality are very good, the quality is also good, but also sent a lot of thoughtful gifts ”

The end, from the product material, functional perfection, to the real experience of users praise, this under 1000usd sex doll of uxdoll brand sex doll is still worth recommending.

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Unlike traditional inflatable dolls, TPE dolls look completely simulated human design, touch the feel is very real, the use of the effect is also more realistic. To help you better understand the life size realistic TPE sex doll we share the latest review.


In terms of touch, uxdoll brand launched TPE dolls are very similar to the skin of real people. This is the traditional inflatable doll plastic feeling can not be compared. And because the doll simulates the skin, it is more realistic in the process of touching.


Depending on the model you choose, the weight is basically 16kg to 40kg or even more weight. Such as 140cm sex doll is much lighter than 170cm sex doll, chubby fat sex doll is much heavier than slim sex doll.


The sex dolls sent out by uxdoll are very careful in terms of packaging, and it is absolutely impossible to see exactly what the product is from outside. In order to better protect your privacy, after ordering a TPE sex doll from uxdoll, it is best to be able to pick up the courier in the first place. Although the packaging is complete, but to avoid accidents.


TPE doll is still very good, not only can exercise the sexual function, but also the use of the process is very safe.

Value for money.

In terms of price positioning, if you want to spend three to four hundred dollars to buy a high quality TPE love doll is impossible. So in order to avoid buying fakes, if there is a need for this, must be true to the brand. For example, in the doll industry has been a very stable reputation and evaluation of uxdoll, etc., but also priced under 1000usd sex doll, there are also very good deals on special sale sex doll.


Before buying a solid sex doll, you must choose the most suitable one according to your needs and your budget, so that it is the most suitable for you and the best choice. After all, professional doll brands such as uxdoll have many product lines, full-lips sex doll, big boobs sex dolls, and each with its own characteristics.

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