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You might think that a booty call has nothing to do with philosophy. You might think that the act of fucking during the course of a regular booty call encounter is very far away from any sort of personal transcendence. You might think that there is such a big divide that you are essentially trying to mix oil and water looking at the booty call experience in terms of essentials. You would be absolutely wrong.

You see when you are out on the prowl for a booty call you are engaging many different aspects of your personhood that can benefit you in a wide range of other activities. Those activities have nothing to do with sex. Those activities, however, can take your life to the next level as far as your productivity, self-awareness, potential positive career consequences, your ability to learn. There’s just so many different benefits that you can get. All of this can be traced to the positive essence involved in the skill sets that you would use when looking for a booty call.

What skill sets are we talking about? First and foremost, your ability to connect with people on a bootycalls site. You see when you join a typical booty call website there are lots of women out there that would post pictures of their pussies, their tits and you might think that it’s just a meat market. While to some extent that may be true you still have to interact with these people. You still have to communicate with them. You still have to reach out on a person to person basis. Whenever any kind of interpersonal communication is involved you can grow as a person. It no longer just becomes a random search for pussy, it actually becomes an opportunity for you to take your interpersonal communication skills to the next level.

The next essential benefit of your sincere search for booty call experiences can bring to the table is your self-awareness. You see for you to become a better sales person or for you to become a better lover you have to be more self-aware. What are you feeling inside and how are you communicating that. How are you incorporating the signals both either emotional or physical being sent to you by a third party and bouncing that off as personal signals. This is not theoretical talk. This is not bullshit. This can impact many more things besides your ability to stay hard and make a woman climax.

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