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Up to now, there is no way to use paint or cosmetics to form a permanent color on the surface of adult TPE material sex dolls. This means, after a few years our high quality of premium tpe adult love dolls will need us to add make up for her. We need to add this makeup again by ourselves or by you could if you choose to have a professional do it for you. The only real way to make TPE adult dolls permanent color is to add paint to the whole TPE doll at the melting point. This is why TPE adult sex dolls can have different skin colors, such as white, nature, black and even more.

If a protective layer is added after the sex doll is made the effect will be more durable, but sooner or later the makeup will shallow until it disappears completely. In fact, TPE can also be painted as non-fading makeup, but it will need you to have good makeup skills to make that happen.

As far as the cosmetics for tpe sex dolls are concerned, we recommend that you use the professional makeup removers which are also used for real women. Of course, personal style of makeup is better for us to find new charming of our life-size tpe sex dolls, she can be a young pure girl, and also can as a mature woman, an attractive housewife, your perfect curvy sex dolls’ style is dependant on your makeup skill and hobbies. Some people like small and refreshing, others like a heavy taste, if the original makeup remains unchanged, it is really a lot less interesting.

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It’s really an exciting thing when you finally get your ultra real-life size tpe sex doll after ordering it and waiting for it to arrive. But before you can use her, there are still some things that you need to know first. It will be good for you to know how to pose her properly as you will want to know how to clean her after each use.

First, let’s see how to you’d like to pose her. Usually, most of the adult love dolls are made by a metal skeleton with several fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses. So, most of the poses of a real woman can do, your hyper-realistic sex doll also can. Such as doggy style, open her two legs and bend her thin waist. A secret, because the lower body is related to the legs, so the larger open angle of legs, the vagina will become wider, when the closer the thigh is to the abdomen, the vagina feel is more similar with the real person’s backward position.

The cleaning tips for a tpe sex doll is actually very easy, clean the doll thorough by using warm water after use, for a normal tpe sex doll, you also need to put some baby powder on her skin after drying, but make note that when you have a premium tpe love doll you won’t need do this step because her skin will not produce oil. Want to own a premium tpe sex doll? let’s check on They have one of the best ranges of online sex dolls and their service and customer support is also second to none!

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