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Terms like ‘stacked and packed’, ‘all that and a bag of chips’ and ‘letting it all hang out’ were created just for women like Ellie Jay. This is one big tits blonde that can truly let it all hang out and you won’t find anyone in the room without both eyes on her titties and a big stiff woody in their pants!

Ellie Jay has been online since she was 18 years old. Her big natural boobs sport measurements of 32H. Kind of makes you wonder what they have in the water over in the UK!?!?

I was married to a girl with 32DD’s that turned into 34EE’s since our divorce. So why did I leave such a busty woman? She didn’t like having big tits and always threatened to have them made into C’s… What in the fuck is that shit?

Unlike my ex-old lady Ellie Jay enjoys having huge tits. She loves all of the extra attention they bring. I guess the real difference is Ellie Jay is an extrovert and she loves to party. My ex didn’t.

Since the break up I have been a member of Ellie Jay. Not only do I get to worship her 32H tits, I also get to enjoy eight other sites! Emily’s Dream features a girl with 30G’s! Busty Megan has big tits and blue eyes that will melt your soul. Finally, Dream of Ashley will have you wondering how you never found this network before!

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If you are a true big tits fan you will find Rachel Aldana the best thing that happened to you this Friday. Her swollen breasts are literally perfect. You don’t see very many natural tits that hang this well. I have a feeling you have already imagined your head (among other things) resting between them.

Once you take her tour you will notice Rachel Aldana is an extremely well-endowed amateur. The site screams it and her videos have a down-home, personal feel. The images are shot glamour style. With the crisp photographer and the personable video style you get a big tits hottie that is both pleasurable to look at and great to listen to.

Rachel Aldana does webcam shows and even answers fan mail via her Ask Rachel Video Series. If you are tired of reality porn like Big Naturals and want something more personal, make a date with Rachel Aldana this weekend!

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