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Silicone solid sex doll real or fake is very important, for now, the market has a large number of poor quality fake dolls, is a matter of concern, many players who do not understand the solid sex doll is easy to buy inferior solid sex doll, the following will introduce how to identify the real or fake entity doll.

First, the material: the material of the solid sex doll is silicone or TPE. real sex dolls, relatively elastic, high surface smoothness, authenticity, no odor, safe and healthy, some excellent sex doll sellers also provide premium TPE sex doll. Inferior solid sex doll surface has a slight sticky, does not feel smooth, not real.

Second, the smell: real sex dolls have a faint fragrance, some do not, almost close to odorless. Poor quality dolls have a smell, the smell of glue, some serious can be disgusting. It should be noted that usually new dolls will have a slight resin smell due to the material properties of the TPE material, and does not affect the use. After receiving the light tan skin sex doll, put the doll in a ventilated place, the smell will naturally dissipate after a period of time

Third, the function: real sex dolls can be used repeatedly without problems, inferior dolls used once or a few times, the base to once can not be used is broken. High quality doll brand solid dolls can be used repeatedly.

Fourth, health and safety: real sex dolls are made of non-toxic materials, there is no negative effect on the person. Poor quality dolls can be a serious health hazard.

It is important to note that the purchase of A cup TPE sex doll is usually cheaper than a huge boobs sex doll, and slim sex doll will cheaper than chubby fat sex doll, which is determined by the material.

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