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There are good and bad quality sex dolls on the market, the price of cheap dolls ranging from a thousand to a few hundred dollars, expensive dolls cost thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars, which has a doll material process, of course, there is also a certain amount of inflated prices. But in the final analysis, or different production processes and materials determine the retail price of the life size ultra realistic adult love doll.

The mainstream materials used in the production of dolls are divided into two kinds of silicone and TPE, and the most used in the doll market was TPE, due to the material itself cost-effective advantages, and most of the doll manufacturers are used.

The main advantage of TPE material is the low cost, and another natural advantage of TPE is the TPE doll’s skin softness close to the skin of real people; despite the many advantages of TPE production sex dolls, but inevitably there are fatal shortcomings, such as TPE material dolls in the use of the process will produce oil, it will need to apply baby powder to help keep the doll skin dry. As TPE melting point at about 80 degrees, the high temperature of different TPE materials will lead to different degrees of oil, TPE oil is easy to crack and deformation, aging or whitening, etc.; therefore, the price of high-quality TPE-made sex dolls are generally not less than $ 800.

Silicone material sex dolls, silicone relative to TPE texture to be much harder, but no TPE odor, there will be no oil problems, health and safety is relatively assured. But his hard feel destined to only be used as a model, silicone has the advantage of hard texture that easier to carve, so silicone super life like love doll details will be very delicate and realistic, very convenient and suitable for use in models and photos. Relative to TPE, silicone material with high prices, resulting in a much higher doll production costs, fine carving also increases the production costs of the doll, so most lifelike adult silicone sex dolls are priced at more than $ 4,000.

Comprehensive introduction, to distinguish between silicone, TPE sex dolls is very simple, first is, through the smell, TPE unique smell can distinguish between TPE and silicone, the smell is TPE, no odor is silicone. Of course, there is now technology to greatly improve the TPE oil and odor problems, such as launched Premium TPE material sex doll is a good solution to these problems. In addition, you can also be distinguished by the feel of the skin, the texture of the silicone doll is very hard, touch soft similar to the real people skin is TPE doll.

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